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US Air Force slang for a pilot.

The zipper suit refers to a flight suit - the one-piece garment worn by air crew members.
Check out the Zipper-Suited Sun God over there, acting like he owns this bar.
by Bill Gronos July 02, 2009
A small screwdriver with a fine tip and having a pen clip attached, making it capable of being easily carried in a shirt pocket.

This word originated with US Air Force electronics technicians and is derived from the skill level digit of the Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) (example: 30670) where "7" indicates an advanced technician. The idea being that this small screwdriver is used to make precision adjustments to circuit board components such as trim potentiameters that require a higher level of technical skill to perform.
The 15 hertz circuit on the TACAN is a little off. Could I borrow your 7-level to adjust it?
by Bill Gronos July 02, 2009
In poker, having a queen and a three for hole cards, i.e. a queen with a "tray".
Shit, not another gay waiter!
by Bill Gronos June 24, 2006
An Air Force wing commander (US Air Force slang). It is not considered a disparaging term.
If we don't meet the deadline, the wing king is going to have my ass in his lunch bucket.
by Bill Gronos July 02, 2009
US Air Force slang term for a pneumatic systems technician, derived from the major cause of most malfunctions being a small leak that admits air bubbles into a hose or line.
The controls are a little too spongy. Better let the bubble chasers check it out before its next flight.
by Bill Gronos July 02, 2009
(Texas Hold'em Poker term): Ace with a weak kicker.
I can never seem to catch an ace without it being an ace rag.
by Bill Gronos June 24, 2006
1. Something extremely common, ordinary, mundane, or insipid. Mass produced.

2. Refering to people that mindlessly follow the crowd for no reason other than the need to fit in.
What you may call dressing up is probably what I call the thousand-duplets uniform: what the hoi polloi who are cranked-out en masse like cookies in a Keebler factory feel compelled to wear on such occasions to fit in.
by Bill Gronos October 26, 2006

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