15 definitions by Bill Brasky

a bitch who makes fun of and belittles others in order to feel better about herself, a shallow bitter hag who is completely full of herself yet extremely jealous of other women who have better looks or get more attention than she does, the biggest threadshitter in all the universe
that cheeky baby bitch always tries to run off the hotties whenever they come around
by Bill Brasky February 22, 2005
English beer that is brewed to be usually %9 alcohol (versus the pussy-ass 3.2 beer of the 'states) and is meant to be served at room temperature. Bitters usually has a bitter taste, initially, but as you drink it the lager tends to have a sweet after taste that really grows on you.
Oi, John, a pint of bitters for me and me boys!
by Bill Brasky February 01, 2005
A woman with an usually big ass that does crew. Hence, a crewba. Variation of WUBA (Woman with Unussual Big Ass).
Holy shit man, look at that crewba attack the food.
by Bill Brasky January 22, 2005
a faggot who presses charges if u walk by his house; also gets jumped by fetters
old man bitner is a pussy
by bill brasky April 26, 2005
Originally this condition was used to describe the extreme shrinkage caused by drinking alcohol, turning even the largest dicks into mere helmets in the bush.

More recent usage of the word has devolved to a more general description of being too drunk to get a hard-on
"I drank a fifth of Jack and had to piss, but it took me 10 minutes just to find my dick so I wouldn't piss on my balls."

"I'm too drunk to fuck."
by Bill Brasky March 02, 2005
The biggest tool in the NBA.
Wow, Karl Malone is so cool since he wears torn jerseys. (sarcastic)
by Bill Brasky June 10, 2004
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