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The final Terminator model used in the Terminator Series Part III; Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines.

The T-X was played by Kristanna Loken, a very attractive woman from Norway.
" Help, the T-X is coming! "

" It is called the T-X, it is an advanced Terminator model "

" The T-X is so hot! "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
Has 3 meanings:

1. Clear alcoholic beverage made from fermented grain or potatoes

2. Water in Russia, since most water found in russia that is not frozen is hazordous to your health and may be fatal

3. God in Russia, the Russian God, or, the God of the Russian people, or perhaps just the poor bums on the streets of Russia
" Let's have some vodka! "

" Vodka is life, he looks like he needs it "

" All hail vodka! "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
The former last installment of the Rocky Balboa film franchise.

Released in 1990 the film was a massive financial and critical failure.

It begins closely after the end of Rocky IV.There were several reasons why the film failed:

1. Rocky Balboa's son clearly ages significantly from the last film, this was due to Stallone wanting to cast his son in the film who by 1990 was 14, 13 during filming, whereas Rocky's son in the film is 8 in the previous film.

2. Rocky loses his money because of his crook accountant and has to move back to his brother in law's house in downtown Philadelphia. Many fans saw this as a horrible twist in the underdog story that had dominated the series plot line.

3. Rocky is discovered to have suffered brain damage, forcing him to retire.

4. Rocky becomes a manager to a boxer who later betrays him, it is seen as lackluster because Rocky, the fighter has very little place in the film.

5. In the finale where Rocky actually fights his trained pupil, he takes serious blows, but wins and survives. In the original script, Rocky was intended to die after winning the fight, since this did not happen, coupled with his financial downfall many fans viewed the whole story to be pointless.

The film being ridiculed and classified as one of the worst films ever made period prompted Stallone to direct yet another sequel entitled Rocky Balboa released in 2006, which more or less ignored Rocky V except Balboa's financial loss. Since this new last installment was a critical and financial success, many fans and critics suggested forgetting about Rocky V entirely, much like Friday The 13th Part V, which was considered a horrible film in that franchise and was more or less remade in the subsequent sequel prompting fans to forget that film.
" Did you see Rocky V? "

" No, I saw Rocky I-IV and skipped V, went to see the sixth one yesterday though "

" Oh yeah, that was a good one "

by Bill Abnovsky July 03, 2008
Usually a reference to anal sex. Back door, as in the bottom posterior of an individual ( ass ). The door, a reference to an opening. The shortened " loving " term used to create a specific tone refering to sex.
" I'm going in for some back door lovin tonight "

" I got me some back door loving last night "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
1. Very horrible

2. A mass abundance of crap

3. The opposite of " popular "
" It's craptacular! "

" He's craptacular "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
An individual who has sex with many people, usually for free.
" Dude, you don't have to pay her, she's a whore "

" That's like his tenth girlfriend this month, man he's a whore "

" She's not a whore. She cost me fifty bucks "

" Damn he's such a whore "
by Bill Abnovsky August 18, 2006
A secluded individual who had few friends if any, shunned by his family, and society, and who died decades before anyone took him seriously.
" Karl Marx was my friend "

" Was he your best friend? "

" No, I was his "

" Wow, how sad "

" Hey! Shutup....although he did grab tight on my leg everytime I told him I had to go. "
by Bill Abnovsky August 23, 2006

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