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An easier way to say "batta" or to harm someone by hitting them repeatedly.
"Hey nigga' you stepped on my shoes! I'm gonna fill you in!"

Translation: "Excuse me sir, it seems you have misplaced your foot, and it apears to have trodden on my shoe and caused me considerable pain, please can you remove it, before i am forced to swing my fist in your general direction, and damage your skin tissue"
by Bilbo Bagins January 31, 2007
The derogatory term for a homosexual, used to insult people who have intercourse with the same gender, or used to imply that someone is of a homosexual nature, for example:
"Hey Bill, you friggin' faggot"
"Im must admit it mother, i am a faggot! *gasp*"
"That Tom Cruise is a faggot!"
"Erm, are you a faggot?"
"Come and sit down and eat your faggots"
"Dude, it's a faggot bar!"
by Bilbo Bagins January 31, 2007

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