13 definitions by Bilbo Baggins

a raccoon that attacks flying turtles
I'm happy for you! Would you like a cookie, a medal, or a scadubie?
by Bilbo Baggins March 26, 2003
ever wondered how people manage to make whippy turds? its because they do the macarena in mid shit so it whips!
bling! see dump
wo man im doing the macarena whilst shitting! o wow ive whipped it good and proper!
by bilbo baggins March 13, 2005
A floating object that randomly appears in the sky. And drops on your head. A very useful sex toy.
Oh this balloon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Bilbo Baggins November 16, 2004
1. Dr Who
2. Big hair
Rab looks just like Dr Who
Wow your hair is totally Rab
by Bilbo Baggins January 25, 2004
a kid with flameing red hair and red pubes
Hey! Look at Phebe. His new name is fireball
by Bilbo Baggins March 26, 2003
Some abstract form of arithmetic.
I'm in calculus.
by Bilbo Baggins November 12, 2002

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