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Mexican Jpop trader
Don't trade with Keisuke, he's a mexican
by Bilbo April 07, 2003
Literal Term!
"It was about as rare as a Dick Fart"
by Bilbo January 31, 2004
A sexual term relating to the stimulation of the penis
Im gonna give you the biggest Max Farrah in the world!!
by Bilbo July 28, 2003
a wacky male sibling/brother
You're crazy brudder!
by bilbo July 24, 2003
A light framework covered with cloth, plastic, or paper, designed to be flown in the wind at the end of a long string, which is held between the buttocks of a man or woman. Holding the string in any other manner renders it merely a kite.
It's a nice day. I think I'll head down to the beach and fly an asskite. With my ass.
by Bilbo March 16, 2004
A state of aggrivation or agitation brought about by hunger.
Person 1: We need to stop for food soon.

Person 2: Yeah. Fucking hunggro dude.
by Bilbo March 16, 2004
a hot girl
That girl is chapachowa.
by Bilbo July 21, 2003
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