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This phase is always used when an extremely choice, unexpected turn of events occurs. It can be used in a quiet dry humorous manner as well an exclamatory manner.

This phase is meant to impress upon listeners the emotion invoked when a college age frat boy turns and in an amazingly good stroke of luck, is unexpectedly face first in the motorboat position with an attractive pair of breasts.

It is important to be remember that in this situation one must never be over eager lest one appear to be uncool, or let on how excited one really is so as not to frighten or "perv out" the female involved. The phase must be spoken in this same manner or the speaker will sound idiotic.

Note: this is never used in the presence of one's mother. She will slap you.
Ed: "Dude, I was walking down campus and found a $100.00 bill."

Alex: "Tits on your face."

Example 2:

Alex thinks there is no beer left in the house. Alex opens the refrigerator and slides the one bottle of catchup to the left and sees a beer that has been hidden perfectly by the catchup.

Alex: (to himself) "Tits on your face."

Example 3:

Charles: "Nick Swardson is doing stand up tonight!"
Alex: "Tits on your face."
Alex's Mother: SLAP
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by bikejunky February 17, 2010
A Sexual maneuver in which the male partner intertwines his fingers and in an elbows out down the torso movement pushes on the top of the female's head in an attempt to suggest she perform or continue fellatio.

The maneuver was named for its resemblance to a tricep muscle building exercise both in look and actual difficulty; usually due to the resistance provided by the female as she is forcibly pushed back towards the genital area.
Tyson:Last night was sweet, I gave Mandie the ole tycep. She was like I wanna kiss you but I was like get back down there!
#blowjob #fellatio #sex #moose knuckle #blowj
by bikejunky February 28, 2010
The point at which a database application or software becomes very large and it's processes become so interconnected that it begins to modify the users behaviors required to perform what were simple tasks at conception.

Particularly applies to database access software used by large numbers of people to perform a large variety of tasks.
I used to be able to send out a form letter to our customers by asking 1 person. Now with the new computer system I have to send a request to Suzi, then it gets sent through 30 people before the letter can even be written. God only knows who finally ends up writing the letter! This system is totally facebooked!
#java #facebookd #database #siebel #oracl #buttscratcher
by Bikejunky June 14, 2011
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