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A guy who looks tough and macho perhaps with tattoos and facial hair but acts like a whiny little girl and complains about things that are ridiculous.
Bearded lady: "Tattooing is a hard job."

Roofer: "Quit being a bearded lady, you work indoors and sit and draw all day."

"I don't play sports because I don't want to hurt my hands."
"Don't be a bearded lady!"

See also: Macho Mary
by Bigote Grande November 02, 2010
Similar to the Space Hog, the Studio Sow wants to be a tattoo artist and only wants to tattoo what they want to do but they are never happy with anything and constantly cry and moan about their situation.

Like the Bearded Lady, the Studio Sow will complain about their situation and never do anything to improve it.

The Studio Sow wastes the time of the customer trying to get a tattoo unless it's something they want to do. The Studio Sow wastes the time of the shop owner and the real tattoo artists by not tattooing and taking up resources and space in the studio. The Studio Sow will whine and complain constantly degrading the morale of the studio and destroying the business. Rarely showing up for work on time and often calling in sick, but unashamed to come in on their day off and do a free tattoo on their friend. The Studio Sow will moan about not having money but turn away customers because he is not into doing the design they ask for.
"That guy never comes in on time, complains that he never does any 'cool' tattoos, misses at least one day a week and tattoos his friends for free! He is a useless studio sow!"
by Bigote Grande April 19, 2011
Someone who wants to be a tattoo artist but doesn't want to tattoo. They will tell everyone they are a tattoo artist but will only tattoo the designs they want to do, whereas a real tattoo artist will pretty much tattoo anything on anyone at any time.

They can be overheard saying things like "I don't tattoo for money," and often insult the customer's idea or choice of tattoo.

A space hog thinks that because they make tattoos they are entitled to being respected and or admired regardless of their character.
We went to the studio to get a tattoo but it was just a bunch of space hogs stroking each others ego's and trying to talk us into things we don't want.

I wanted to get a tattoo but some space hog tried to talk me out of it so I left.
by Bigote Grande April 19, 2011
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