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A person who buys vinyl records and keeps them sealed just to make a profit or try to make others jealous. They treat records like their "preciousssss"
Dude, that guy always brags about having a bunch of sealed records, he's a such a frekin Vinyl Gollum.
by Bigmeat Thunderballs July 29, 2014
Originating in SE Iowa it's a brand of heavy metal whose band members, rather than having the traditional day jobs,live on welfare to support themselves.
man, that welfare-core band was awesome, I wonder if they accept food stamps for their merch?
by Bigmeat Thunderballs September 11, 2013
When someone under the influence of alcohol or drugs is unable to post a coherent statement online. It usually involves a string of non-sensical characters such as:
I wish you wouldn't furgle durgle so I could understand what you're talking about.
by Bigmeat Thunderballs October 25, 2011

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