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When your scared of taking a massive dump. Being scared that the shit will be so large it could tear the asshole. Constantly thinking that the shit may tear the hole open so much the hole could form its own mind and take control over the hole. The hole will spread all the way under the gooch to the ballsack. After it reaches the ballsack it starts to eat away at the ballsack. first the hole will eat all the hair away from the sack and then go in for the kill. When going in for the kill the hole starts starts to take the reminants of the shit and dab it on the sack. Thereford the nutrients that are left in the poop will help make the skin around the sack healthy. New pub skin is very tender and very vulnerable. As the new little dickens are growing, the hole eats away at the sack and devours all the skin until the balls physically drop from the sack. After the male cannot produce any sperm, but can fuck the bitches down at the club and wont pregnate them. Then after the balls fall out the man will want to go out for a nice cup of tea and crumpets
Dude I am so scared to poop!
Why man?
I dont want hublaphobia!
Dude oh man dude i'm scared of that shit
Yeah I know my mom got it!
What happened?!
Her dick fell off! and then died from being to fat!
She was fat?
Yeah man she ate like fuckin 40 million crumpets a day
fuckin gumby
I'm gunna go fuck a cow man
Okay peace bra
by Biggy Bird :) October 07, 2012

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