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An alternative for "Fucking Hell". Used when when children may just be within ear-shot.
That bracket you just put up has fallen down....

Oh, Forks and Spoons !!!!!
by Biggy August 10, 2004
It can be a reply to anyting that any says
what are you doing??
by biggy April 07, 2005
making someone feel an intense and painful feeling of revulsion or horror!
"Lemieux...with the wrap....EAT-IT shrayer! Ya, that's right, whip the controller!"
by Biggy March 14, 2003
a word that pissed off people make when pissed off
what are you doing

by biggy April 07, 2005
Expression of pleasure to a given situation.
"I got you your favorite CD"
by BIGGY May 13, 2003
deut is a cross between dude and sweet
ur looking at something cool
by biggy April 10, 2005
Not a good place to keep your own blood.
Avoid the bloodshed....nah!
by Biggy October 30, 2003

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