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a shit nugget stuck to your ass hair. It just "will not" come loose. grogandingle berry bodaggit
Every now and then you gotta pull out the will nots from your arse.
by Biggussar January 26, 2008
This is actually a place. The ORIGINAL Podunk was an area in south-central Mass inhabited by the Podunk Indians. It is now known as East Brookfield, MA. It is listed in the oldest Webster's Dictionary as such, (plus, I'm from there!!) Common areas/landmarks in Podunk: Podunk Cemetary, High Rocks, Lake Lashaway, Devil's Kitchen, Hayden Lodge, Union Chapel. Also, the birthplace of Connie Mack!
Take a ride to Podunk and you can see High Rocks from the intersection of Flagg Road and Podunk Road.
by biggussar February 18, 2008
This is what happens when you take a messy shit that your sphincter won't cut off.
I had to use two rolls of toilet paper to take care of that dull cutter.
by Biggussar January 26, 2008
This is what happens when a person dies from blood loss --
That poor sap who got his arm severed bled out before anyone could save him.
by biggussar February 18, 2008

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