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-TEST- is a lonely old man from arkansas, he goes into psycho fits when rejected by women he tries to romance over the Internet by sending them porn pictures and descriptions of what he wants to do to them. he often goes on message boards to stalk people and "insult" people by calling them "fat" or "ugly" when in fact he was in a relationship with a 300lb woman (now an Asian transvestite, great upgrade) He ofeten gets owned by Bigfoot/bigboy/everyone on earth on said boards, it is very easy considering his taste in women and lifestyle which consists of not working/living off welfare and posting on the internet...when getting owned he reverts to child like behavior and the "you're fat" comments come out until he puts his tail between his legs and leaves until the bad people log off...then he comes back and starts the whole process over again,bless his little retarded heart.
Bigboy: jealous of what? you are basically dirt poor, your girlfriend is a fat cow, you search the internet looking for chicks to "hook up" with, and ive seen dried up dog shit that more attractive than you. you are worthless and should of died in that wreck
by Biggiefolyfe October 18, 2006

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