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2 definitions by Biggie MacDonald

When someone gives you a message, like a telegram, only the message is on the titties of a hot bitch!
Example 1:

Black Guy 1: Yo, Dog. My girl got me a tittygram sayin', "I'm breakin' up wit u!"

Black Guy 2: Shit, man.

Black Guy 1: Yah, but dat girl was fiiiiiiiiiiiiine.

Example 2:

White Guy 1: Bob, I got a tittygram!

Bob: A what?

White Guy 1: A tittygram, Bob, they're all the rage right now.

Bob: Hey? Why am I in this example? I'm not white, I only have a white name!
by Biggie MacDonald November 10, 2010
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Lack of penis is a very serious disease. It is cause when masturbating, but do not ejaculate. It is similar to Blue Balls except LOP is the swelling of the penis. This may seem like a good idea, but keep in mind that if it swells too much, it will lose its nerves, slowly disconnecting itself to your crotchal area. In 5-7 weeks, it will fall off.
Son, if you don't stop masturbating, you'll get LOPs and your willy will fall off!

lack of penis (LOP)
by Biggie MacDonald January 28, 2011
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