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1 definition by Biggie Benny Brown Town

A female who, at first, comes across as, for lack of a better word, 'perfect.' Upon further examination, however, and as time progresses, the female will go through a series of changes, including but not limited to mood swings, lying, cheating, stealing of financial assets, using a male for transportation or expensive hand bags, and ultimately, the savage ripping out of the male human's intestines, heart, lungs, and stomach, leaving the male a puddle of broken hopes and dreams on the floor. Happy Birthday Gage.
Mother, I'm having a female come over for dinner tonight, if that's alright with father.' 'Is she a nice girl son? What is her name?' 'Don't worry mom, Susie's not a shapeshifter.
by Biggie Benny Brown Town August 14, 2010