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The title given to his holy Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple. Inc..

Creator of the

* Mac, best computer ever built
* OS X 10, best operating system ever designed
* Iphone, also just known as the real Wunderphone ever
* Desktop Trash Bin, first ever fully functional trashbin on your desktop

Adored by millions of people around the globe for its never ending creativity to bring us poor souls things we could have never dreamed of!

To be considered a real Apple disciple it is required at attend annual, in real life or even virtual, masses of his holy master, such as its presentation of never seen revolutionary products in San Francisco.

If such masses could not be attended, extra credit will be given for instantaneous purchase of any new product by the master.
Ubersteve shall prevail in making this sad world a much better place!
by BiggestIphoneFanEver January 27, 2010

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