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Semen spewed forth into open air
When bruce farted, an airborne swimmer grazed Terry's lip. Thank God it was his own!
by BiggJussn July 10, 2005
the act of violently spraying your loved ones with airborne swimmers
Everytime I give Lucy a shower of fury, I step back and look down on her, and say,"God, your beautiful when you frown."
by BiggJussn July 10, 2005
the disappointment attained when you wake up during a wet dream without the satisfaction of inpregnating your bed sheets
"Damn you Mom! I'm too old to die of SID's, I wasn't suffocating! What a dry nightmare!"
by BiggJussn July 10, 2005
A term derived from the scrambling of the phrase "big 'ol titties" which means exactly that. Tits you could drop kick.
For shit's sake, the last time I saw tigglebiddies like that, my mom burped me.
by BiggJussn July 10, 2005
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