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A female who hangs around athletes in hopes of having sex with them and getting their money.
person 1: I saw krissy hangin with Regie Bush
person 2: I know, I see her with all the athletes, she is such a sport whore
by Bigg Redd99 January 27, 2010
like being the odd man out, but if you were included you would make the group an even number
John:how are things goin with your 3 roommates?
Mike: They're okay, but I always feel like the even man out
by Bigg Redd99 November 02, 2010
The result of having a six pack just from the plain fact that someone is skinny.
Kerry: Hey did you see kyle, his six pack is so hot!
Jenny: He doesnt even work out, he cant have a six pack, its more like a skix pack
Kerry: a what?
Jenny: a skix pack, a six pack from the result of being skinny, its the Skix pack
by Bigg Redd99 December 05, 2010
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