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a woman (or man) who, for reasons of paid employment or otherwise, is required to fetch/pour beer for one or more individuals for a defined period of time. Although tasks such as taking away the empties and supplying their master with food are obvious additional duties for a beer b1tch, frequently they may also be required to perform tasks that are not immediately associated with purveying beer e.g. perform stunts or tricks to entertain a drunken crowd, turn a blind eye whilst their own drink is tampered with and, occasionally (usually later in the day/night), provide sexual gratification for his/her master or their nominated representative.
Tom was not looking forward to being a beer bitch at Oktoberfest, it would be bad enough pouring 1 litre steins for BG all day, but the thought of the boys tea-bagging his own stein whilst he had his back turned, was almost too much to bear.
by Big_Greasy October 10, 2010
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