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An insanely white person with no life is the kind of person who would sport this doo.

A mac and cheese afro is a white man's afro that usually consists in almost all cases of blonde hair that compliments a retro 70's look
napoleon dynamite' hair
by Big_Figga January 06, 2005
slang for cadillac. Can be used in place of cadi
Yo those lacs on 22's are the shit
by Big_Figga September 27, 2004
A response that acknowledges that one fully and acutally has recognized a point or what another person has said.

Often used in debate to validate a point and then argue it.
GOAT: Youngbuck is the shit cuz he so gangsta.

FIGGA: True seen but Lil Jon is more gangsta.
by Big_Figga September 27, 2004
The BYC (Barn Yard Crew) A click from the T-Dot where only the true seen can gain admission. Often uses animals or resemblence to the members as code names.
W be chillin in the TEEDOT with the BYC... the BARNYARD CREW.
by Big_Figga September 27, 2004

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