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When swearing at somebody behind their back,
Then when they turn around to look at you, pretending to do something else with your hands; such as scratching your face.

The very first person to do a schafernaker, was Thomas Schafernaker; BBC weatherman.

Whilst making rude gestures to the news reporter, camera flicks to him live, as soon as he realises he is on air, pulls an amazing schafernaker!!
I told Bob to stop messing around and do his work! When I turned round he Schafernaker'd me!!
by BigWill88 June 06, 2012
The art of sharing every single thought in your brain on a social network.

Derived from 'Microblogging' and 'Flogging a dead horse',
Often occurs from not receiving enough attention from ones Peers.

The irony being the more they blog/flog the less attention they receive!
I've defriended, and Unfollowed Jules. He's just been microflogging! What a DBag!!
by BigWill88 May 18, 2012

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