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Memes (rhymes with dreams) are similar to a computer virus, in the way they spread quickly over a network, or group of computers. The difference is that they are a sort of virus of the human mind. An idea, or thought that spreads quickly, or one that occupies your thoughts that is tough to remove.
Begining a chant at a ball game or rally. A new dance craze. A song that you hear that you just can't get out of your head.
by BigT May 06, 2005
A chick who after ridin' her hard falls a sleep in the wet spot that runs out her box after pounding her with your pud
Mary is such a puddle slut that she doesn't even roll over cause she loves cum
by BigT May 14, 2004
A. medical condition, characterized by feeling sad, hopeless, unwanted, unworthy...
B. part of everyones life.
john suffered from depression after break up with his girlfriend of two years.
by bigT November 10, 2004

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