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Please publish this definition because it gives everyone an idea of what an R-dogg is. It helps everyone realize why he is a legend and important to Bexley High School as well as anywhere. Without his accomplishments, this school and others might not have existed.

R-Dogg is a junior male that currently attends Bexley High School and is considered a celebrity. It is also used as a phrase nationwide so if someone does something unexpectedly awkward, you say they pulled an R-dogg. He is a very important individual as well as a legend at Bexley High School and other parts of the world. He is known to make funny comments in and out of class, he is also a hero to some at the games "Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare" and "Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2". Any student that is not a freshman knows who he is and what he is capable of. Even teachers know to call him R-Dogg and do so during class. He is an expert nugget-er and helps teach others the process. He is very courteous and nonchalant regardless of how famous he gets. Most people would become arrogant when turned into a legend but not R-Dogg, he remains modest and when everyone yells "R-DOOOGGGG" he normally responds "hey" or "what" in a very humble tone. R-Dogg is a very lovable person to all at Bexley High School and is known to just be a goofy guy. No one would know what to do without the extremely laidback R-DOGG!

(More to be added soon, particularly a well-written hip-hop song by lil dom)
(I dnt think I should have to keep introducing myself but uhh…) Ay yo my name is rdog, I love to own car dogs, I rap all day and I also love to play, COD! A lot of people call me the god. I play til I drop and ill never ever stop cuz im the best and im better than the rest. I kill all da nubs and makes bears into cubs, I reck your stuff and ull never get enough. I play all day til my dad says HEY!, rdog get off.

"Did you guys hear what R-dogg did??"

"No, What'd he do this time?"

"He nuggeted the teacher's purse"

"HAHAH THATS R-DOGG for ya!!!"

" You guys hear what Paul did in the science lab?"



"Wow, he sure pulled an R-dogg there!"
by BigQuas615 November 21, 2009

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