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When a girl has a moderate to very attractive body, but also possesses a nasty-ass face that detracts from her entire attractiveness. You and your boys therefore declare that she is a 'BHF', meaning that you would tap that ass but try and avoid making eye contact while doing it. BHF's are acceptable to hook up with when you are drunk, but otherwise will net you a penalty of 10 Man Points taken away.

Synonyms: "Paper-Bag", "Paper Bag Bitch", "Fugly", "Aw man...if it weren't for that mug..."
Tina had very nice 36C tits and a cute ass, but her face was brutal. Josh resolved to give it to her doggystyle, and thus avoid the haggard visage.
by BigPimpin April 17, 2004
this is a person that smells of mary jane, and is far better than any spoon or toaster... but not exceeding the greatness of a plate.a bagel is known best for pleasing females in any way possible.
yo did u smell that weed. no that was just a bagel.

oh my god bagel is so good in bed... who needs a toaster if u can have a bagle.
by bigpimpin April 25, 2005
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