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That one door out of a set of double-doors that, for some unknown reason, is locked thus making the puller look like a fool.
Whenever I go to the store I always pull the fool's door.
by BigOtter November 28, 2006
The last day of February. Traditionally this is the day that the lady in a relationship get's her man a new golf club in anticipation of spring and the start of golf season.

If the man doesn't play golf then she should get him something related to his favorite activity.

If the lady gets the man something for Golf Club Day he is expected to return the favor on Jewelry Day.
Ryan: Dude, what did your wife get you for Golf Club Day?

Rob: I don't play golf so she got me the hot new XBOX game.

Ryan: Now you gotta get her something for Jewelry Day.
by BigOtter February 21, 2012
March 20

This is the day that men traditionally buy their lady some jewelry in response to the gift that she gave him on Golf Club Day.
Erin: Did Rob get you anything for Jewelry Day?

Stephanie: Of course!! I got a nice new bracelet since I got him that hot new XBOX game on Golf Club Day.
by BigOtter February 21, 2012
Derived from Ethno and Santa

Relating to giving a gift based on the receivers ethnicity or race.
I'll bet Kevin gave me this Fubu shirt for my birthday just because I'm black. If that isn't ethnosantism than I don't know what is.
by BigOtter December 28, 2006
A Drinking Accounting term

If you carry a buzz over to the morning from drinking the night before, any drinks that you consume while still carrying that buzz can be assigned to the previous day.
I haven't drank anything today but I had 6 chargebacks this morning.
by BigOtter November 29, 2006

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