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2 definitions by BigNerdLOLz

Catwhale - an adult, large sized catfish.

Catwhale - An adult, large sized catfish particulary the genus Corydoras
Hey Y'all I'm going Cathwhalin'! You wann' go?

I just a caught a Catwhale and I'm going to eat this bitch!

Dude! That's not a catfish - that's a fucking Catwhale!

by BigNerdLOLz November 10, 2013
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Stiq-Wid (Stiquid) n.
1. A uknown sticky substance that has not quite hardened to a solid form, but is somewhere in the middle between a liquid and a solid. Thus making it a very sticky liquid.

a. The phase of transformation between a liquid and solid.
I forgot to clean up my spilled coke and it turned into stiquid.

I was trying to leave the club, but was caught up in the stiquid that was all over the floor.
by BigNerdLOLz February 06, 2011
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