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A spin on the phrase Man Cave with LAN Cave. A LAN Cave is a place where LANs or LAN Parties are held. The LAN (Local Area Network) is a network of computers and specifically a LAN Party is a network of computers where gatherings of PC gamers play games against each other. LAN Parties were once and are still very popular in the gaming community. LANs are typically held in the garages or basements of serial gamers hence the phrase LAN Cave.
Hey guys I'm having a LAN party this weekend in muh LAN Cave. Any takers?
by BigNerdLolz June 05, 2015
Catwhale - an adult, large sized catfish.

Catwhale - An adult, large sized catfish particulary the genus Corydoras
Hey Y'all I'm going Cathwhalin'! You wann' go?

I just a caught a Catwhale and I'm going to eat this bitch!

Dude! That's not a catfish - that's a fucking Catwhale!

by BigNerdLolz November 10, 2013
Stiq-Wid (Stiquid) n.
1. A uknown sticky substance that has not quite hardened to a solid form, but is somewhere in the middle between a liquid and a solid. Thus making it a very sticky liquid.

a. The phase of transformation between a liquid and solid.
I forgot to clean up my spilled coke and it turned into stiquid.

I was trying to leave the club, but was caught up in the stiquid that was all over the floor.
by BigNerdLolz February 06, 2011
Best Friends For Like One Minute

1.Best Friends For Like One Minute is a word formed from the initial letters or groups of letters of words in a set phrase or series of words and pronounced as a separate word. as BFF from Best Freinds Forever, BB from Bottom Bitch, or BFFLOM Best Friends for Like One Minute
Alicia, do you remember when we were BFFLOM?

Biotch, we were BFFLOM!
by BigNerdLolz May 02, 2014

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