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when a women is overweight but no FAT. built for comfort not for speed!

usually still atractive but slightly overweight
though some people say curvy
eg. Charlotte Church!

Me "i like her but she is a bit hipsway"
by BigNandosMullet September 25, 2006
when someone member of team manages to fluke even the most shit goals to put your team 1 down in stoppage time... after what can only be described as the worst and most negative performance from an opposition team at Anfield for years.
Liverpool 0-1 Man United. 3rd March 2007

"Man Utd fluked another win after an extremely negative and poor perfomance... daylight robbery of Liverpool!... i wish i could defecate on Neville's face!"
by bignandosmullet March 03, 2007
when a group of people (who you percieve to be boring and up each others asses) meet up usually for a party but of course only about 7 people are invited and the party is either

A: shit
B: gets crashed then is shit
eg. a 16th birthday for someone whos parents dont allow drink and everyone is bored and sober!

Me "dude that party is gona be such a love in"

Other Person "yeah i know its just a bunch of hfads, teenyboppers and rejects goin"
by BigNandosMullet September 25, 2006

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