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A person with a handicap license plate or sticker who doesn't have any physical ailments other than spending too much time at the bakery or buffet.
Hey, look at that fat shit at the dunkin donuts, I think she has a handifat license plate. I'll bet she hasn't seen her feet in ten years.
by BigNTasty October 28, 2004
For those people that talk a big game, but can't carry the ball.
I'm gonna open up a can of whoopass on you. Sheit...Sounds like you're opening a bag of talkshit to me.
by BigNTasty October 27, 2004
n. An unusually large unit, or penis. A schlong of significant size

adj. A person who is acting like a total tool. A real dickhead
After coming out of the men's room; one mans says to another "Holy shit, did you see the size of that guys johnson. If I were him, I would wear spandex shorts everywhere I went".

John Kerry is a Tremendous Johnson. We're lucky he didn't win the presidency.
by BigNTasty November 10, 2004
n. The seventh month of the Gregorian calendar, specifically in the south.

Adj. Any time a lawyer, Human Resorces Director or media mogul opens their mouth.
What are you all doing for the 4th of Jewlie?

I was told my raise would be in my next pay. Boy, does that Jewlie
by BigNTasty January 08, 2005
Our Gay Little Brother.

Pronunciation: 'au(-&)r...'gA...'li-t&l...'br&-th&r
Function: noun
Usage: Not Often enough
Etymology: Central Jerseyish, Supinoese & smittyese
1 : a sexually confused account manager that spends his nights surfin gay porn.
Chris: Hey Mike, have you seen O.G.L.B.?
Mike: I heard he was hanging out at the local pickle park with the other lot lizard's
by BigNTasty August 11, 2006
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