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Nickname for Wal-Mart that is used for over-zealous shoppers who just can't get enough of the store you can buy guns, knives, toys and groceries at but can't buy white-out unless you're over 18 and have an I.D.
"I'm goin' back to Wally World, you need anything while I'm there?"
by BigNRichCowgirl January 06, 2005
A store that you'll get decent pay but have to deal with stuck up, snotty bitches thinking they can make you the gopher(go for this-go for that) chump. Also being more over priced than Walmart for shitty, break the next day items. Nickname: "Tarzshay" used by Target frequenters who like to make it sounds like they are going somewhere more important.
I'm sorry, I have a 1:30 appointment at Tarzshay...
by BigNRichCowgirl January 06, 2005

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