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When performing a Golden Handshake (definition on this site), one pretends to accidentally overshoot the forearms, faking apologies the whole time, but continuing to soak the would-be business partner's torso and legs in piss until one's bladder is completely emptied (excusing it all with "once I start I can't stop--it burns"). This technique is often used as a subtle form of mockery of the would-be business deal, or a way to express doubts of the profitability of the alliance.
Eager to seal the deal, Henry agreed to the Golden Handshake but was somewhat hurt when John surprised him with the Golden Overshot.
by BigLud May 21, 2014
A single drop of precum that finds itself in a man's underpants after he becomes sexually excited and hard, but does not ejaculate. Often found upon softening during the moment of greatest disappointment.
I was so switched on when Lisa let me stay in her bedroom while she changed her clothes, but then we had to leave. I cried a tear of disappointment.
by BigLud July 19, 2014
A fart left in an empty room when company is visiting. The fart is dropped off and abandoned like a baby on a doorstep. Unlucky persons who happen into it often say "oh god!" and cover their mouth and nose as the unexpected smell haunts them to their very souls. Quickly closed doors and a small space inside can keep a room brown and haunted for a very long time.
Sam's party was great, but I found a brown phantom in his office.
by BigLud May 23, 2014
This is when you are ice skating nude and you hit a perfect triple axle. Either while jumping up or during the post-landing spin, you pinch one off. The centrifugal force on your turd pulls it flying out at a force to be reckoned with.
I will shatapult on you.
by BigLud July 20, 2014

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