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To savagely ruin; to annihilate; to completely dominate; the act of being a savage
Person 1
That yung ese was talkin shit.

Person 2
I know you should lay down some riptear on him.
by BigKidsAreLarge August 05, 2010
The words that you create after smoking alot of weed. When your mind is free and you think of any theory of life or great idea/word.
Also any word related to smoking herb.
Yo we are so glazed right now.

Good use of your smokeabulary
by BigKidsAreLarge February 24, 2011
When you are so filled with excitement that you pump a clenched fist in the air savagely.
If I make this buzzer beater I'm about to punch air.
by BigKidsAreLarge April 27, 2011

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