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Colloquialism for attendees of IndyCar events, identifiable by the red hats they wear, who did not pay for their tickets and who are only attending because Marlboro had sent them free tickets vouchers in the mail; each Marlboro 'guest' gets a red hat when they exchange their voucher for a ticket at the track.
The crowd at that last crapwagon race was pathetic! The track has 100,000 seats but the place was only quarter full of gomers, if that, and most of those were members of the red hat brigade!
#indycar #gomer #bribed #sheeple #freeloader #crapwagon
by BigIRLfan May 16, 2009
Derogatory term for an IRL IndyCar fan, or anyone who attends, watches or supports IndyCar and actually gets excited about it.
Person A: "Marlboro sent me some free tickets to an IndyCar event. I'd never actually spend my own money on IndyCar tickets but these are really good seats. Should be exciting - I can't wait!"
Person B: "You're such a gomer. Even if they paid me, I still wouldn't go. I only watch real racing."
#moron #retard #sheeple #crapwagon #indycar #irl #red hat brigade
by BigIRLfan May 16, 2009
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