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Comburst is an earlier form of combarst. It is still an accepted alternative for combarst, but it is not quite as popular.
for more info, please see: combarst
by BigGoofyGuy April 11, 2005
A schweeite is a person who lives by schweeishism. Schweeites are generally happy people, but they also tend to have a firm grasp on reality.
Disclaimer: Schweeites are not fanatics, and schweeishism is neither a religion nor a cult. For more info, see schwee.
by BigGoofyGuy April 11, 2005
see Thingamabober, whatchamadoodie, or flibberdiwhatsit. used as a noun.
Dude, just hand me that Wizzamadoodad

OUCH, I just got hit by that Wizzamidoodad
by BigGoofyGuy July 06, 2004

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