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1.) a fun and nice way of calling someone an extremely dirty whore.
2.) a term used among good friends to explain and emphasize how big of dirty whores they think their friends are.
3.)a dirty slut who sleeps with pirates for money.

'Dirty' as in sleeps with everyone 'Pirate' as in sleeps with pirates 'Hooker' as in so good you should have to pay.
"you are a Dirty Pirate Hooker"
"yer a Dirty Pirate Hooker"
"yous uh Dirty Pirate Hooker"

Guy: "I'll give you ten bucks"
Girl: (Gasp)"what do you think I am, a Dirty Pirate Hooker?"
Guy: "yea, your dirty , your a prostitute, and your personal ad says 'call to get some booty' "

Guy 1: (asks a question)
Guy 2: (answers with smart ass remark)
Guy 1: "You are a Dirty Pirate Hooker"
Guy 2: (smiles)"Yes I am"

#hooker #prostitute #dirty slut #dirty whore #slut #whore #slutty whore
by BigFeet4Life November 25, 2007
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