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An abstract tool for measuring acts of douchitude on a subjective scale.
The "editors" of urbandictionary often break the dildometer scale when they reject my definitions for no good reason...including this one.
by BigEz April 08, 2010
Ridiculously socially inept Magic nerds use this term ad nauseum to describe something so powerful it supposedly "breaks" the game mechanics. In reality, if they were so attuned to the balance of the game that they had any real insight, they would be working for Wizards of the Coast...which they most likely aren't.
That kid that hasn't showered in three weeks claims every other card his opponent plays is broken. I wish he'd just shut the fuck up already and play the game.
by BigEz April 08, 2010
Blood Alcohol Content. A percentage of alcohol in your bloodstream. See also BAL
That fucktard John got busted for a DUI when he blew a .35 BAC.
by BigEZ December 02, 2004
Blood Alcohol Level. Same as BAC
0.8 is the highest BAL allowable while operating a vehicle.
by BigEZ December 02, 2004
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