1 definition by BigDaddyGonadi

Most American females ages 14-40. Behavior usually encompasses standing at the central point of a public place (say, for example, a bar) and smacking their friends' asses or grabbing their breasts. After this they look around intently to see who may have who noticed, and any applause or encouragement to repeat said behavior is like gold to them.
"Hey look, some men just walked into the bar! Let's kiss each other, maybe they'll acknowledge this and make us feel important!"

"Good idea! Since neither of us grew up with fathers, this is a great way for us to fill that void, by getting attention from loser males!"

"Every time I leave the house, I have to make sure men notice that my pulse is beating, because I'm a token attention whore!"
by BigDaddyGonadi September 02, 2007

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