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5 definitions by BigBrotherMike

Ferociously overrated.
Chuck Norris is 66 years old. He's likely to go into fucking retirement soon. GET A GRIP OF YOURSELVES, PEOPLE.
by BigBrotherMike December 12, 2006
A commonly used DeviantArt daMN term colloquially used to describe an effective way of addressing the username without typing it out. It is more commonly used addressing the wrong user however.
~kitty9390: It's a pain typing out your username.
=Senor-Captain-Red-Wing29387: Just type "Se" and hit tab.
** `SeeMyHeartBleedBlack288 has entered **
~kitty9390: SeeMyHeartBleedBlack288: Thanks. XD
`SeeMyHeartBleedBlack288: Wha?
~kitty9390: Blargh?! I got tab-pwned! D<

None of the actual usernames exist...at least not to my knowledge. Anything else is completely coincidental and unintentional.
by BigBrotherMike December 05, 2006
The true motivator of society. Also refers to a very strong feeling of animosity and resentment, often times leading to violence and atrocities.
Hitler encouraged his people to hate the Jews. He is often times regarded as a symbol of evil, even the Anti-Christ. But as for Germany, there was never EVER a time in its history when it was more united and PERFECT.

If Judea had hated the Romans badly enough, the land would have been freed and an autonomous state. But Jesus preached "love". The result: Judea (Israel) remained stuck in an empire for hundreds of years and now everybody and their grandmother believes in some hippie-looking mofo to be saved.

Billy hated Bob very much. His hatred motivated him to hack into Bob's computer, earn a higher position, and steal his online girlfriend. Bob committed suicide. Billy wins.

Muslim terrorists hate Americans. They have won cultural unity and are kicking American ass in Iraq. Go figure, huh?

Scrooge hates Christmas. Now he's saved up enough money to buy all the love, sex, and relationships he wants. Scrooge is the fucking man.

I refuse to be racist. I am above that. I hate everybody equally.
by BigBrotherMike December 11, 2006
1.) Pseudo-slang term for a smelly woman's crotch, or a female with a nasty and pungent aroma.

2.) A very strange oddity that has been known to be a victim of many nasty enemies countless times. The cheapest and most expendable of slaves/mercenaries. Likes cheaply made soft drinks with bendy straws.
1.) Damn, that woman's a fucking stinky bean! She must've done it with ten guys and not showered afterwards!

2.) You have done well, Stinky Bean. Very well done indeed. Go get me my MacDonald's Whopper whilst you trek across crocodile-infested swamps, battle through thick jungles, race across scalding deserts, and face the final boss. If you're quick about it, I'll maybe let you live, even maybe MAYBE give you a cookie! Go now for the glory of the ScatMonkey!!!!!!
by BigBrotherMike December 13, 2006
The epitome of a soapy, glossy, and cheesy melodrama.
I don't care how fucking hot you dinner whores think Ryan Gosling is, the acting was so-so, the plot was predictable, and the romance was just plain cheesy. The Notebook is nothing special.

The Notebook is a complete ripoff of Titanic and Fried Green Tomatoes.
by BigBrotherMike December 12, 2006