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2 definitions by BigBopper07

To deliver a brutal slap across a bitches face so hard that it knocks her to the floor. Similar to a pimp slap except it is usually administered with an open palm. It is also a lot harder, it requires you to place your feet firmly on the ground to avoid falling over, swivel round transferring as much momentum to the hand as possible before delivering it directly across the face.
"Joe had had just about enough of his girlfriend's bullshit, so to ease the breakup process he got a friend to drive him to her house where he threatened to farmhand her."
by BigBopper07 March 09, 2010
A derogatory term for an annoying American that takes online first person shooters, such as halo 3 far too seriously and doesn't seem to take a moment to breath from all the trash-talking they've been doing. The term is usually quite effective in silencing them immediately or provokes hilarious displays of outrage.
American: "Let me drive the warthog"

Brit: "No"

American: "You stupid British faggot! Now Im dead I told you to let me to drive the warthog you asshole... wait why are you tea-bagging me you're on my side?"

Brit: "Because you're a 9/11 failure"
by BigBopper07 March 09, 2010