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A person who totally wastes your time, with no concern for your life, since they have no life of their own. They are particularly annoying to sales reps, who cannot afford to waste time on non-prospects.
(from GlenGarry Glen Ross)
Williamson: Ricky, here's three leads for tonight.
Ricky Romano: Three leads!?! No, I count two! Patel, Ramadan Patel? He's a clock sucker! If Vishnu gave him a million dollars and told him to buy, he wouldn't!
by BigBird1017 May 10, 2008
A newly-discovered form of leukemia, found in the barnyard, great horned, and spotted owls of Tennessee. Researchers believe it is the result of excessive, high-voltage transmissions from the many, many electrical lines required to service the mansion of Internet-inventor Albert Gore, Jr. Attempts to cure the disease via owl chemotherapy have been foiled by the environmentally-destructive, polluting effects of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's large, fuel-guzzling personal jet. Due to the rapidly-declining owl population in Tennessee, the rats have grown in size and number, and are threatening to take over the state capitol in Nashville.
Al Gore is to blame for destroying the environment by causing owl gore. Yesterday, I saw a rat as fat as Al....he was driving a pick-up truck with a Hussien Obama for President bumper sticker!
by BigBird1017 April 20, 2008
A generic reference to retail stores which gay men frequent, such as The Pottery Barn, Michael's, and all antique stores.
Bruce and Lance always go shopping Saturday morning at the Homo Depot.
by BigBird1017 March 21, 2008
a fiasco, a total screw up, a downWRIGHT disaster
When I shouted out my old girlfriend's name on my honeymoon night, it was an Obamanation!
by BigBird1017 May 02, 2008

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