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2 definitions by BigBOAT

The practice of using camera angles and strategic cropping to alter the subject of the photograph's perceived attractiveness. When used in conjunction with photo-manipulation, it can be a potent and effective means of convincing others that this individual is not fat and/or ugly.

Optimistic Photography is seen primarily in social media, most prevalently on dating sites. A person exploiting optimistic photography will use it to extract features which are unattractive, and shift attention to those which are more attractive.

When the compounding effect of alcohol is added, the mind of the drinker can confuse the earlier (first) impression of the subject with the cold, hard, unfortunate truths of reality and fact. The optimism lurks quietly in the mind of the victim.

For educational purposes only:

1) A downward camera angle can hide the volume (and thus, mass) of a person.
2) Taking a picture of oneself (close range) will also hide the shear size and volume of the subject.
3) Elongating the jaw or using unnatural facial expressions during a photograph can give the illusion of a thinner (and leaner) face. This can, in turn, alter the perception of a person's baseline attractiveness
4) A blurry picture, bright flash, or blown out contrast can also hide blemishes or wrinkles which may appear in reality.

Note: Publishing old pictures, while misleading, does not fall under this definition, but would still be considered trickery, of which optimistic photography is a form.
Oh my god, Holly looks about 100 lbs. (45 kg.) heavier than on her Myspace. Her optimistic photography almost sent me cow tipping!

I want to shake the hand of the optimistic photographer who ironed out her beat-ass face!

My blind date must have actually thought I was blind. She looks NOTHING like her optimistic profile picture!
by BigBOAT March 17, 2011
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Noun: A piece of private information told in confidence which becomes a weapon when the subject of the information falls from grace in the eyes of the person who holds it. The (mis)use of this information for the purpose of a personal attack is always imminent. Often used as an underhanded form of malicious cockblock.

Verb: The leaking/use of this information.
Noun Usage:
Mel: My ex-boyfriend Tyler is untrustworthy
Kayla: Do you have any handleshoe?
Mel: He tattooed a life size human eye on the head of his friend's dick
Kayla: That's pretty private. How would you even know that?
Mel: I've got pics.
Kayla: Of his friend's dick? That is some serious handleshoe material. Let me please see this dick pic.

Verb Usage:
Mel: I fucking hate him. I am going to handleshoe the shit out of him, even if it makes me look equally bad.
Alexa: If you keep handleshoeing people, no one will trust you to tell you anything.
Mel: Then I'll use hearsay and questionable information. I want vengeance, not to contemplate morality.
Alexa: You need a muzzle, woman.
Mel: Then you should try to put one on me, I hear you have a shitload of them.
Alexa: I don't even know what that means!
by BigBOAT February 23, 2011
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