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Grefting is derived from the word Gref, generally used to describe the action of Gash-Hunting, or being out on the pull. Is occasionally used to describe the act of stealing/shoplifting, and hiding the objects stolen inside ones Gref, or Vagina.
1. The Boys were going out Grefting, hopes were high as Robert and the BabeRider had a foolproof plan.

2. Whilst shopping in ASDA, Ollie and friends noticed a crowd of gypsy women 'Grefting' their weekly neccessities.
by Big-OH January 24, 2009
A term coined by the gentlemen of Beckfoot School as an alternate to Minge, Clunge and Gash, when discussing the Vagina in conversation.
Robert: I am gagging for some Gref.

Susan has a banging Gref.
by Big-OH January 23, 2009
To ejaculate, usually into or onto something (more than likely an innanimate object)
Id love to spaff in that kettle.

Ill happily spaff on that bints toast.
by Big-OH January 23, 2009

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