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The art of leaving one’s girlfriend, while simultaneously progressing into a new relationship. The goal of the “transition” is to create relatively seamless changeover form old girlfriend to new girlfriend. (The action of transitioning boyfriends by women also takes place, but has far lower prevalence rate)

The action of transitioning is most often motivated by the desirous for an upgrade with respect to either physical appearance, sounder mental disposition or temperament and or opulence. (ie. you want a hotter girlfriend , and/or your girlfriend is an crazy bitch.)

Important Note: Transitioning is as a delicate art form and can only be successfully performed by those endowed with the highest level of “cool factor.” In addition, it is seen as the de facto method amongst the male of southern European origin.
“I am happy with my girlfriend, but that chick that works as the gelato pace just so much hotter. I got to transition.”

“Phil’s girlfriend was such a crazy bitch he had no choice but to transition to a new girl. But being the master of transitioning that Phil was, the feat was easily accomplished.”
by Big-Bington December 18, 2011

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