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A special treat native to Portland Oregon. This is best done on a fat girl you can trick into anal-play. The great thing about the Portland pull-start is that all you need is a fat girl and some butt beads. The larger the beads the larger the fun.
Get her on all fours and get behind her. Insert all the beads very very gently while playing with her fat pussy. Now place your left hand on the middle of her fat back while still holding onto the butt beads with your right and PULL START that bitch!!
If you are wondering 'Why the fat girl?' Its so you can get away.
Belthem buys the fat girl at the bar a drink while thinking to himself, 'Yeah I'm gonna Portland Pull-start this bitch'.
by Big-Bad-Gob September 03, 2006
When you are running through the mall and you punch a baby in a stroller whithout breaking your stride. This is allways a good time. You havn't lived til you've been baby punching.
'This show sucks, I'm going baby punching'.
by Big-Bad-Gob September 03, 2006
This is a veriation on the baby punch.
While running through the mall you punch a toddler in the face whithout breaking your stride. This should startle the unsuspecting parent. Yes you can do a combo, two or more toddlers or babys will be needed for a combo.
'Man this burrito is good, after I finish this I'm going toddler punching'.
by Big-Bad-Gob September 03, 2006

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