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2 definitions by Big suge nik

When something is hot or most definately approved of.
Dude 1-Yo homie how was that bhally i gave you??

Dude 2- Yooooo thats crack
by Big suge nik December 26, 2009
1 smoking crack

2 when someone says something stupid refer them to a grham cracker smoker

3. To actually smoke a gram of crack
1-Yo blak those fielez wanna get in on dem Grham crakers

2-stupid person-you give out freebies for how much

Trapstar-Wht are u grham cracker smoker shiiiiiii

3-dont know if he naco so wht should i do

give tht toddler some grham cracker and make sure he eat(smoke) tht
by Big suge nik December 26, 2009