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1 definition by Big sky local

A ski resort/village (not a real town because it is in two counties). home to the yellowstone club aka \"the club.\" you have to have a net-worth of $5 million to be a member. bill gates is a member. Big Sky owned by Boyne (cheap people from michigan who dont care about Big Sky). Big sky is famous for it\'s awesome powder and great runs. if you coem to visit Big sky you have to make sure your not classified as a gaper aka tourist. Big sky has no high school so 40 kids get on a bus and drive the most dangerous highway in montana every single day. how fun!!!
Big sky is considered the rich town in motana but it\'s not true we have a trailer park and red necks aka dirt bags or ski bums. you can indentify them as the people with duct tape all over ther ski clothes becasue they cant afford to buy new ski clothes. the elementary/middle school is called ophir. al the kids theink there the hottest and half of them dont ever know where NYC is. thats big sky for y\'all
You know your a gaper when-
** you have a gap between your googles and your helmet
*you wear a hat with a pom-pom on it
*you ski Pants are tucked into your ski boots
* you have rear entry ski boots
* you wear anything neon while skiing
* you try to put your pass in the turnstile even though it\'s broken
* you have been to the mountain many times before but still ski all the greens
*your a non-local
*you carry your ski tips behind you
* the rental skies are the fattest skies you have ever seen
*mr. k is hard (a run in big sky that is about the easiest ever)
* you dont know what the loud bangs are in the morning (avalanche cannons)
*you dont notice the smell of pot in the gondola\'s
by Big sky local April 26, 2005