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After having anal sex, the man pulls out his penis and tries to put it in his partner's mouth. She refuses and he rubs the poop on her face. She then goes and pukes in the bathroom.
TJ gave Mary a Dirty Teddy and she never had anal sex or spoke to TJ again.
by Big richie November 27, 2006
A leader or high ranking official belonging to a religious organization who spends church money lavishly for personal gain.
Vatican suspends Church Rich 'bishop of bling' Tebartz-van Elst.

Bishop Tebartz-van Elst - and his spending habits - had become infamous in Germany, where many people pay Church tax to the state. The tax raised 5.2bn euros for Catholics and 4.6bn euros for Protestants in 2012.

Damn my pastor is rolling on a Cadi with 22's on, must be nice to be Church Rich.
by Big Richie October 23, 2013
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