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The reason for starving kids in Africa. If seen, you are advised to shoot on contact. This is no ordinary whale. Its a land whale. Accounts report that it is seen wearing chains and horrible make up. Never underestimate the hunger of the rarely seen land whale.
Guy 1: "Hey Deric don't go out so late. The Rarely Seen Land Whale might find you"
Guy 2: "Im safe man. I have my harpoon with me at all times."
by Big eyed bandit May 27, 2012
A girl who is evil and harsh. Always sneaks around the streets at 4 am causes harm to those who don't deserve it. Is always seen running instead of walking. Will most likely always have a scrawny little neighbor boy by her side.
Guy one: "Hey man my girl cheated on me this morning. I saw her with another guy"

Guy two: "Thats because you were with an Ally man."
by Big eyed bandit May 27, 2012

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