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The sexual act of shoving a banana up the anus of a partner, you will then open the end sticking out of the anus, you partner will attempt to squeeze the banana out leaving the peel in the anus while shooting the banana down your throat
Honey I sure feel like a dumpbana tonight.
by Big dee January 09, 2013
Stir the soup is a slang phrase that is similar to "toss my salad." It is one person taking it in the ass. They can be male or female receivers. When the guy is done, he pulls out and cums on the others asshole. The guy then proceeds to furiously licking the others asshole, stiring their soup. This phrase comes out of Fairborn, OH.
"I hate you. Go get your soup stirred." or "I love to stir the soup. I could do it every day." or "Why did you stir your mothers soup dude?!" or " I had to stir Stacy's soup dude and damn was it delicious!"
by Big Dee May 15, 2008

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