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When someone or something is Vaho, they are THE definition of being ulimately original and unscathed by cliche.

Usually reffered to any artistic creation or form. Can also be applied to the way a person dresses.
The Mona Lisa is Vaho.

Pulp Fiction is Vaho.

The way you move is Vaho. ;)
by Big Vicious April 30, 2008
to hit a man on the tip of the penis in a wrist-flicking action; best effect is achieved if the fingers of the hands just nick the tip

usually done out of pure boredom
Person 1: Dude, sup?
Person 2: sup?
Person 1: (awkward silence)
Person 2: TIP WHIP! (tip whips person 1)

by Big Vicious February 07, 2008
when something is great or awesome or dope it is ming hella!It can also be used as a variation of hella or an add on to hella.
Ming is the ultimate asian, therefore, for something to be Ming hella is for it to be the ultimate in hella.

that's ming hella!


that's hella tight....it's ming hella!
by Big Vicious March 18, 2008
an exclamation like "omg" or "oh shit"
(after seeing something nutty happen)

by Big Vicious January 18, 2010
A moniker for any person with both a first and last name that begins with the letter "W".
Wilson "Two-Dub" Wong

Walter "Two Dub" White
by Big Vicious December 07, 2011

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