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A brotherhood formed by a group of young men from the suburban Annapolis area. The Nation started as a low-key motorcycle club but soon evolved into a secret society. Originally created by a young chubby white male, the Nation now consists of all African Americans except for himself. He has since changed his name to Brother Shae Muhammed. Duties done by the Nation are classified as secret and only members know the true identity of the brotherhood. Not to be confused with a violent gang, these brothers love the kids!
(Girl): "Who are all those black guys and one white guy
flying down Main Street on those crotch rockets?"

(Dude): "Are you fucking crazy? That's the Nation.
They love the kids!"
by Big Vanilla August 07, 2007
A verb meaning to kill someone/something by unthinkable means. Killing may be done by electrocution, bodyslamming, hanging, and/or drowning.

PETA loves this word!!!!
(Al): "Hey man, where's your girl been latley? Yall ok?

(Shae): "Hell no dude, I had to Vick that bi*ch."

(Al): "....."
by Big Vanilla August 07, 2007
A verb meaning to inject your family (or one member of your family/girlfriend) with steroids and then kill them via suffocation, strangling, or potentially bodyslamming. Followed by possibly hanging yourself.
(Shae): "Man, my girl pissed me off!"

(Al): "Soooo, whatcha do?"

(Shae):"I had to Benoit her ass man!"
by Big Vanilla August 07, 2007

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